Our work

  • Warehouse & Distribution


    Brand Image + Design + Lead Generation + Direct Mail + SEO
    CalArk is a trucking company with a unique ability for retail customers in the SouthEast. Not only are they asset-based and privately-owned but also had warehousing and distribution capabilities. Again a very saturated market. CalArk also was attending an invitation-only private event where they got to meet face-to-face with Supply Chain and Logistics and Transportation managers who are looking for ways to get their product to stores faster, with less cost and headache...
  • Manufacturing-Machine Tools


    Brand Image + Design + Lead Generation + Tradeshow + Video/Animation
    Kitamura had a couple of issues. The first was that they had never worked with an agency before, outsourcing their marketing to specific vendors. And the second was that they are in a very competitive industry. Both of these problems resulted in Kitamura being left behind. Their creative was stale and they did not know how to tell their story from a customer point-of-view. With the largest and most important tradeshow coming up, they knew they needed to make a significant and distinctive change...
  • Manufacturing-Mining


    Brand Image + Design + Lead Generation
    Rail-Veyor has been around since 1999. And they are a disrupter within their market space. But the U.S. mining industry has been in decline for decades. And like all engineering companies, Rail-Veyor was focused on telling their story through lbs sq/ft, etc. Mining companies are not planning ahead for a market recovery, they’re staying the course and doing what they’ve always done. Rail-Veyor needed to look bigger than they are and talk a broader message to help change the mindset of mine developers and financing companies...
  • Railroad Manufacturing


    Product Launch + Design + Sales Collateral
    Miner has been a client of ours since 1960. So, it might seem hard to keep bringing new and fresh ideas to the same client for more than 50 years. Since the only thing that stays the same is change, it was time to update their product showroom to reflect the changing nature of the industry and the world around them...
  • Electronics Manufacturing

    Knowles Corporation

    Product Launch + Design + Sales Collateral
    For almost 10 years, Arends has brought design and clarity to the complex world of electronic manufacturing for Knowles Corporation. In this rapidly changing industry we had to be able to understand complex technological advancements like gesture recognition for mobile devices and explain them in a simple, straightforward manner for engineers and investors alike...
  • Fence Industry Professionals


    SITUATION The largest organization representing the fence, deck, railing and access control industry experienced their poorest attendance in 10 years due to a combination of economic trends and competing organizations. Facing a general negative disposition from the industry, the goal was to increase show attendance...
  • Manufacturing


    It’s hard to imagine in this day and age where marketing is not driven by analytics. HEIDENHAIN was ahead of the curve working with Arends on their direct mail campaign. We helped evolve their print-based newsletter into a digital ROI powerhouse...
  • Construction / Building


    One of the world's leading trade associations in the concrete/building materials sector was stagnant – membership was sliding, segment share was slipping to other building materials, and a key specifying influence – architects – was being under-served, in part because it held a negative view of precast concrete...